The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Baldwyn Properties

We have all kinds of rodents in our Baldwyn service area. Some of them come into our yards but don't get into our homes. The rodents that get inside, like house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats, create lots of problems. The best form of rodent control is a level of control that matches the level of threat. Today, we're going to talk about how you can detect rodents in your home, what dangers they may present, and what level of control you may need for the rats and mice you're dealing with. How does that sound? Great. Let's get into it.

Signs Of Rodents In Your Baldwyn Home

The first step in determining what form of rodent control you need is to evaluate the problem. If rats and mice get into your home, there are ways to tell which of the two you're dealing with, how many, and where they're getting in. This information is essential for determining an effective control strategy.

  • Which Rodents — You are likely to have one or the other. House mice don't prefer to live with roof rats or Norway rats because rats eat mice. Mice are tiny rodents. Rats are big rodents. If you want to know whether you have tiny rodents or big rodents, you can tell by their droppings. Rat droppings are about ¾ of an inch, and mouse droppings are around ¼ of an inch.
  • How Many — If you find fresh droppings, and there are lots of droppings, this is a sign of a large population of rodents. Fresh droppings are black and squishy. Old droppings are grey and powdery.
  • Entry Points —  Rodents can get into your home from the ground floor all the way to the top of your roof. Common entry points are around exterior doors and windows, around utilities, in rotted wood of sole plates, gaps above the foundation, ventilation and louvers, eaves and soffits, seals around roof penetrations, and chimneys.

The Dangers And Damage Of Rodents In Your Baldwyn Home

If rodents are getting into your home, they're going to present a threat. The more rodents you have, the greater this threat will be. It is also more difficult to encourage a large number of rodents to leave. Common rodents are domesticated. They prefer to live with you. It is important to be aware of the dangers and damage associated with mice and rats.

  • Rodents spread bacteria which can contaminate foods and surfaces.
  • Rodents bring ticks and fleas inside.
  • Rodents chew holes in building materials which can allow rainwater into your home.
  • Rodents chew wires, which can cause a fire.
  • Rodents damage stored items.
  • Rodents contaminate attics and storage areas with feces and urine.

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Baldwyn Homes 

There are many ways to deter and control common rodents. The control strategy you should use is determined by the kinds of rodents and the number of rodents.

  • House mice are the worst. They reproduce quickly and are difficult to drive out.
  • Deer mice can get inside, but they more commonly infest sheds, barns, and outbuildings.
  • Roof rats are house-dwelling rats. They can present problems if they find a hearty food source in your home.
  • Norway rats can infest a home, but they typically live in the yard and go in and out of structures.
  • Squirrels and chipmunks can get into a home, but they're not nearly as persistent as mice and rats—most of the time.
  • Voles, groundhogs, and other wild rodents never get inside.

If you have a persistent pest, it is best to contact McCary Pest Control for rodent control in Baldwyn. Even a single house mouse or roof rats can create a big problem. For less persistent pests, and low population numbers, you may use natural rodent prevention to deal with them.

Natural Rodent Prevention Tips For Baldwyn Homes

There are many rodent-prevention methods that can keep rodents out of your home. What you use depends on the type of rodents you have.

  • If you have Norway rats in your yard, you can deter them from getting inside by sealing entry points and monitoring your exterior for damage. If you see damage being done, use metal flashing to bolster these areas.
  • If squirrels are your problem, you can deter them by cutting branches away from your roofline. This will also deter roof rats and house mice.
  • If chipmunks are your problem, they can easily be deterred by sealing low entry points and by moving sources of stacked wood or branches away from your exterior.

When any wildlife pest gets into your Baldwyn home, contact McCary Pest Control to have the animal removed. Rodents don't prefer to bite, but they can if you corner them or scare them.

Are You Dealing With A Rodent Problem In Baldwyn?

No matter how big or how small, we can help you deal with rodent problems around, or inside, your home. Reach out to us and tell us about your rodent problem. We'll guide you in finding the right answer to arrest the issue.

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