Rodent Identification

What are rodents?

The word "commensal" describes pest rodents like rats and mice. Commensal means to "share the table" and is an excellent way to describe the fact that mice and rats have adapted to living with people and eating many of the same foods we do.

While rodents come in all different sizes and shapes, something all rodents have in common and creates such a problem in our homes is their constantly growing front incisors. These chisel-like front teeth allow rodents to feed, act as a defense mechanism, and help rodents chew their way into and out of structures.

house mice

Some examples of commensal rodents that move into our yards and homes to share our table include the following:

  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • House mice
  • Field mice

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents are not innocent pests and should never be allowed to take up residence in or around our homes. These small mammals spread diseases, contaminate food with their excrement and saliva, and contaminate surfaces with bacteria. They also use their front incisors to damage structural elements like wires, pipes, cables, and personal property like furniture, clothing, and books. Having rodents in your homes leads to costly damage and puts you and your family's safety at risk.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are a problem for Mississippi's home and business owners because our properties offer them easy access to food and safe, temperature-controlled shelter. While rodents typically live outside, they will move inside with us when the outside temperature becomes too hot or cold, or there is a lack of food.

Rodents have a very high metabolism and are constantly searching for food to ensure their hunger is always satisfied. Their noses will lead them to our properties, usually by food sources that are in gardens, compost piles, trash cans, and pet food dishes.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents like mice and rats often choose our homes, garages, or other outbuildings as a safe place to call home. They can easily squeeze their body through spaces they discover in the foundation, gaps under doors, vents, or damaged weatherstripping around windows. Chimneys or holes along the roofline are also common entry points.

Once inside, some of a rodent's favorite nesting spots include the following areas:

  • Basements
  • Behind appliances
  • Backs of cabinets
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attics
  • Chimneys

Before finding a way into our homes, rodents are living outside in our or close to our yards. Some of their favorite outdoor nesting spots include fallen trees and tree stumps, woodpiles, dense shrubbery, tree branches (roof rats), and ground holes.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Having a professional come to your property to identify the rodent species making themselves at home inside your house is essential. At McCary Pest Control, our professionals will solve your property's rodent problems by performing a detailed inspection, providing treatment using eco-friendly products, and creating a follow-up treatment schedule.

We know how important it is to make sure that these destructive and dangerous pests are eliminated from your homes as quickly as possible. By partnering with us, you will have peace of mind knowing the job is done right, and they won't be returning in the future. Learn more about our Tupelo, MS rodent control services.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

To help you avoid problems with rodents, we want to offer the following prevention tips:

  • Eliminate sources of food that may initially attract rodents to your yard. Keep lids on trash cans and compost bins, keep outdoor eating areas free of leftover food, maintain gardens, and regularly harvest fruit trees.
  • Repair things like leaky pipes, fixtures, and clogged gutters that could provide rodents with moisture sources.
  • Cracks in your foundation or exterior walls often allow rodents to squeeze their way into homes. Use caulk, steel wool, or other suitable materials to seal any spaces in your home's exterior.
  • Cut tree branches and shrubbery back away from your home's exterior.
  • Keep your home clean and organized to minimize places that rodents can nest without being noticed. Rodents love to nest out of sight within our home's clutter.
  • Regularly clean behind and under large appliances to get rid of the food debris rodents eat. It is also important to regularly wash dirty dishes, vacuum floors, and wipe down counters.

Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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