Why You Should Call The Pros About Bed Bugs In Tupelo

When you find tiny, reddish-brown (and sometimes black) looking insects in your Tupelo home or business, you may decide to take the route of others who have chosen to battle these bugs on their own. One of the biggest reasons people do this is that they believe it is the cheaper option. But it rarely is. When considering whether or not to hire a professional, here are a few things you should know.

Throwing Your Mattress And Box Spring Out Won't Solve Your Problem

It is amazing how many people do this. If a mattress or box spring is old enough, or they were purchased used (which may have been where the infestation came from) then it might make sense to chuck 'em. But, before you do that, you should be aware that bed bugs don't just live in mattresses and box springs. They can be in bed frames. So, you're going to be out the hundreds of dollars you invested in your mattress and box spring and still have bed bugs.

Throwing Your Bed Out Won't Solve Your Problem 

Bed bugs can hide in the tiny gaps and recesses of your bed frame. If you know this, you might decide to throw your bed frame out with the mattress and the box spring. Unfortunately, bed bugs can live in other furniture as well. They can also live inside the gaps, cracks, recesses and voids within your home. As you consider whether to throw your whole bed out, consider the fact that your bed bug infestation could have come into your home by way of luggage, duffel bags, book bags, sleeping bags, and other items that go on vacation or to sleepovers. Bed bugs, or their eggs, could still be in these places. You might lose hundreds of dollars for nothing.

Space Heaters Don't Work

You might decide to use heat to kill bed bugs. Does heat work? You betcha! But, it isn't easy (or safe) to perform a bed bug heat treatment with space heaters. Professionals use heat sensors and other special equipment to perform heat treatments. Not only are DIY heat treatments not safe, but it is highly unlikely that you will exterminate bed bugs using space heaters. The bugs will just run from the heat. If you place heaters in your Tupelo home or business, you can expect to have no success arresting your infestation. You'll just be hundreds of dollars lighter in the wallet or pocketbook.

Bed Bug Sprays Often Fail

You might decide to spray your Tupelo home or business with sprays that are designed to kill bed bugs. While certainly cheaper than throwing out your beds or purchasing space heaters, the cost of these sprays can add up. Before you make this investment, you should know that:

  • Sprays are topical. They don't get into the cracks, crevices, recesses, and voids that bed bugs hide in. If you're not able to directly spray them, you're likely to fail at correcting your problem.

  • Bed bugs are born with some immunity to insecticides. These insects are incredibly adaptable and have actually altered their genes to resist harmful chemicals to which they have been exposed. You can directly spray a bed bug and watch it crawl away unharmed.

We don't know how much this will cost you, but we can tell you this, you'll pay a price that is higher than the investment you make in these sprays. If you spray your home to kill bed bugs, not only will bed bugs continue to torment you, those sprays could make you sick. It is always best to have a licensed pest management professional handle the selection and application of pest control products within your home.

Professional Service Is The Best Way To Go

Isn't it nicer to pay one time for the remediation of bed bugs? What often happens with DIY bed bug control is people end up paying twice to correct bed bug infestations. They pay once to attempt to correct them on their own, and they pay a second time to hire an educated and experienced pest professional when their DIY bed bug treatments fail. It is far better to just contact a licensed pest professional the first time. We can't give you an exact figure of how much you'll waste trying to exterminate bed bugs on your own, but we can tell you that bed bugs are extremely difficult to exterminate. They've been living almost exclusively with humans since the dawn of written history. If they were easy to exterminate, they would be extinct.  

Bed Bug Control In Tupelo

If you're dealing with bed bugs in Tupelo, reach out to McCary Pest Control. We offer bed bug control services that work to effectively get rid of bed bugs. Our team uses industry-leading methods and control products to systematically rid homes and businesses of these frustrating pests.

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