How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Tupelo Yard

Tupelo mosquitoes are super annoying. When they come into your yard, there are few outdoor activities they can't ruin. They also have the ability to make you sick. If you live in Tupelo, Mississippi, we'd be willing to bet that you get sick from mosquito-borne viruses a lot more than you know. This is because the symptoms of these viruses, such as headache, fever, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting, and more, are common symptoms of the flu and the common cold. What's worse, mosquito-borne viruses have the ability to cause serious illness and even death. Fortunately, mosquito fatality numbers in the United States are extremely low, especially when compared to other, under-developed countries. But it is important to remember that mosquitoes aren't just annoying pests. Let this inspire you to roll your sleeves up and do a few things in your yard that can work to reduce mosquito activity.

Mosquito Breeding Sites

Do you know that there is a good chance that the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that hatched in your yard? This is because most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred feet from where they hatch. Yes, we said feet. There are several reasons for this, but we'll give you two to consider:

  • Male mosquitoes only live about 10 days. They don't have time to make a long trip. They have one thing on their minds, and it isn't a road trip.
  • Female mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. When they find an appropriate breeding site, they tend to stay near that breeding site unless another suitable site is close by.
  • When mosquitoes come into your yard, they will stick around and continue to breed. And boy do they breed! A female mosquito will lay 100 eggs at a time. That's a lot of miserable mosquitoes that will hatch in your yard if you don't do something to stop them. Here are a few ideas.
  • Locate and remove containers that hold stagnant water. Most mosquito species reproduce in stagnant water. It only takes a little over a week for mosquitoes to go from egg to flying (biting) mosquitoes.
  • If you have stagnant water resources that you don't want to remove, such as a birdbath, consider installing a circulator pump to keep the water moving.
  • Clean your gutters. Not only can a tiny pool of water get created in your gutters, but the water that pours over your gutters can soak your perimeter and lead to ground saturation. This will, in turn, create the conditions for puddles to form on the ground.

Mosquito Resting Zones

The first thing mosquitoes will do in your yard is rest. If they wander into your yard from your neighbor's yard, they're likely to head right toward the vegetation in your landscaping. They'll do this for several reasons. Here are few important reasons to consider:

  • Mosquitoes hide from the sun because it dries them out and kills them.
  • Mosquitoes need moisture, and vegetation tends to be damp.
  • Mosquitoes eat plant sap and nectar. They'll draw sap from plant stems and leaves and feed on the nectar in flowers.
  • Your goal should be to make your landscaping, and your property, less inviting to mosquitoes. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Remove weeds from your landscaping, particularly flowering weeds.
  • Remove unnecessary plants. This will reduce the availability of nectar.
  • Remove leaf piles and leaf litter. These trap moisture.
  • Quickly address aphids, whiteflies, and scale insects. These insects produce a substance called honeydew. Mosquitoes love honeydew and they're not the only pests that have a sweet tooth for it.

How We Can Help You Get The Best Mosquito Control 

If you live in Tupelo, Mississippi, let our licensed pest professionals help you get the best possible control for mosquitoes. Here are two ways we can help:

If you have stagnant water sources that can't be removed, we can apply tablets to the water. These tablets contain a larvicide that prevents mosquitoes from growing into adults. This will stop them from leaving the water and biting you while you're trying to enjoy your backyard.

We can treat the resting places in your vegetation and in other key locations around your home. This works to knock down any mosquitoes that use your property to rest. Since they're definitely going to rest, this can have a big impact. It removes adult mosquitoes from the population and stops female mosquitoes from producing a few hundred more mosquitoes in your yard at a time.

Get Control Of Mosquitoes In Tupelo

You don't have to live with those irritating pests, and you don't have to wait to be the next victim of a serious mosquito-borne disease. With mosquito control from McCary Pest Control, your property will have what it needs to stop mosquitoes in their tracks.

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