How To Enjoy Your Baldwyn Yard This Mosquito Season

Mosquito season in Mississippi is no joke. From April to October, mosquitoes are on the warpath and will make you miserable if you aren’t prepared. These blood-feeding pests can leave you peppered with bites and send you frantically running back indoors. They can also infect you with serious illnesses such as the West Nile virus and encephalitis.

Believe it or not, there is a way to not only get through mosquito season but even enjoy it. Professional pest control in Baldwyn can drastically reduce mosquitoes in your yard, and there are other simple ways to limit mosquito populations on your property. Continue reading to learn how to take your yard back from mosquitoes this year.

When You Should Expect To See Mosquitoes

Mosquito season in Baldwyn is torturously long. The warm, humid climate makes it an ideal habitat for these biting pests. Mosquitoes are active when temperatures are above 50 degrees. They typically make their first appearance in April and can hang around until late October or early November.

Mississippi is home to at least 50 species of mosquitoes, but many of these species prefer to feed on animals and are not usually a problem for humans. The types of mosquitoes that affect humans include culex, Asian tiger, and yellow fever mosquitoes.

Culex mosquitoes are mostly gray with silver, white, green, or iridescent blue scales. They typically feed at dusk and dawn. Asian tiger mosquitoes have black and white striped bodies and legs, while yellow fever mosquitoes are dark brown or black with silvery-white markings. Unlike Culex mosquitoes, Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are active around the clock. Without help from McCary Pest Control, there will be mosquito activity in your yard at all hours of the day and night during mosquito season.

Prevent Mosquitoes With These Simple Tips

While many types of mosquitoes are extremely prevalent in Baldwyn and are impossible to prevent entirely, there are ways that you can make your yard less hospitable to them. Here are some simple ways to get rid of mosquitoes on your property:

  • Remove any areas of standing water that are breeding sites for mosquitoes, such as puddles, empty flower pots, tires, etc.
  • Change water in birdbaths, pet dishes, etc., at least once per week.
  • Cover all water tanks.
  • Regularly clean roof gutters.
  • Remove any trash piles or debris from your yard.
  • Don’t allow garbage to accumulate inside or outside your home.
  • Support natural predators of mosquitoes such as birds, lizards, frogs, and fish.

Reducing the factors that attract mosquitoes will help reduce mosquitoes on your property. To further protect yourself from mosquitoes, wear insect repellant and long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and shoes and socks while outdoors. It’s important to protect yourself from mosquitoes, as they can be carriers of several diseases. Mosquitoes can transmit the West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, encephalitis, tularemia, and dengue.

Sign Up For Mosquito Control Services

While preventative measures are a great place to start, there is no way to entirely keep mosquitoes away from your property on your own. For the most successful mosquito control, your best option is to seek professional mosquito treatment for your yard. McCary Pest Control provides Baldwyn with safe and effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

McCary Pest Control has over 50 years of experience in the pest control industry. We use highly effective, eco-friendly products to rid yards of mosquitoes. To enjoy your yard this mosquito season, sign up for our mosquito control services. We will drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property and will return monthly to keep mosquito populations low.

We also provide one-time treatments for special events such as outdoor parties or weddings to keep your guests safe and comfortable. Don’t let mosquitoes keep you trapped inside for half the year; contact McCary Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection.

Why Mosquito Control Works

Our mosquito control treatments use a two-pronged approach. We first use a backpack mister to thoroughly spray your yard, including trees, bushes, and other vegetation. This kills off adult mosquitoes that are waiting in the shade during the heat of the day. To eliminate mosquito larvae, we treat areas of standing water with tablets. This combination of treatments both reduces active mosquitoes on your property and prevents larvae from reaching adulthood. To keep mosquito levels low, we will return each month to re-treat your yard.

While it is not possible to completely rid yards of mosquitoes, our approach greatly reduces mosquito levels so that you can enjoy your property. Fewer mosquitoes mean that you and your family can be comfortable while outdoors, even in the height of mosquito season. It also reduces the chances of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses. To enjoy your Baldwyn yard and protect yourself from mosquitoes, contact McCary Pest Control today.

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