The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Baldwyn Home

bed bug on burlap

In Baldwyn, numerous pests are just waiting to enter your home. These pests can range from small to large, from minor nuisances to causing the risk of spreading dangerous diseases and causing damage to your property. Bed bugs are one of the most common and arguably disgusting pests that can cause harm in your Baldwyn home. However, unlike other pests, they don't just invade your home; you bring them into your home in bags, on used furniture, or between rooms in multi-unit buildings, such as hotels. If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, it's best to contact the pest management professionals at McCary Pest Control for pest control in Baldwyn

How To Tell If Its Bed Bugs Infesting Your Home

If you wake up feeling itchy when you go to bed feeling just fine, you may have bed bugs, primarily if you recently got used furniture or a used bed around the same time. Other signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • You may see rusty or dark spots of bed bug excrement on mattresses, walls, beds, clothes, and sheets.
  • Blood stains on pillowcases or sheets.
  • Bed bug egg shells, fecal spots, and shed skins in areas where they hide.
  • You may smell a musty, offensive odor from the bed bug's scent glands.

If you suspect a bed bug infection, removing all bedding and checking it carefully for the signs of bed bugs is essential. Examine the seams in wood framing, remove the dust cover on box springs, the area around the bed, the edge of the carpet, inside books, and your closet. If you are uncertain about the bed bug signs, call a Baldwyn pest control expert today. 

The Problem With Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

While bed bugs may not directly make humans sick, their bites can cause more than simply an itch. Bed bug bites can lead to allergic reactions in some individuals. The symptoms of a bed bug bite can also include: 

  • Burning or itching at the site.
  • Widespread rash where there are numerous bites.
  • Red welts on the location of the bite.
  • Bites in a line or grouping.

Even without spreading disease, they can affect your health in more severe ways, including: 

  • Allergies to bed bugs remain, and droppings can cause asthma attacks. 
  • Many bites can cause potential anemia and significant blood loss.
  • Bed bug saliva can trigger hives, itching, rashes, and burning. 
  • Bites can become infected and cause additional problems. 
  • Scarring can occur and remain for months. 

Some patients develop severe systemic reactions, such as infections, trouble breathing, and on rare occasions, anaphylaxis. 
If you have recently visited a hotel, home, or office that is infected, bed bugs can hitch a ride home and begin a new infestation in your home, creating potential health risks. Even the cleanest houses can become infested, so contact the pest control professionals to request an inspection and treatment if you feel you may have bed bugs. 

All The Places Bed Bugs Could Be Hiding In Your Home

Bed bugs can enter your home undetected, and their flattened bodies make it possible to fit into the smallest spaces. While they do not have nests like bees and ants, they tend to live in hiding places in groups. They'll begin hiding in box springs, bed frames, mattresses, and headboards where they can easily access people to bite at night. They will also hide inside electrical outlets, under piles of dirty laundry, behind wall hangings, and inside cracks of walls. The longer bed bugs are in your Baldwyn home, the larger the infestation will become and spread to other areas within your home. 

Professional Bed Bug Control Eliminates Bed Bug Infestations

Win the war against bed bugs by partnering with the local pest control experts at McCary Pest Control. Our professionals know how to deliver the services necessary to eliminate an infestation and prevent a re-infestation from happening. For over 50 years, we have helped Baldwyn homeowners keep their properties free of the most challenging pests, including bed bugs.

To learn more about our bed bug control process and speak with one of our courteous and knowledgeable professionals. Contact us today.