How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Baldwyn Home This Summer?

mosquito biting skin

As annoying and dangerous as mosquitoes are, they play an essential part in our ecosystem. Many don’t know it, but mosquitoes are pollinators and pollinate flowers when they feed on nectar. Additionally, they are a vital part of the food chain, as they are food sources for other wildlife and aquatic life, like birds and frogs.

However, that doesn’t mean that mosquitoes have to go through their entire lifecycle in your yard. Mosquitoes are dangerous vectors of disease and can spread harmful viruses. Mosquitoes are labeled as one of the deadliest creatures in the world because over one million people die each year from mosquito-borne diseases.

The good news is that not all mosquitoes bite (only females), and they don’t all carry diseases. Nonetheless, it’s still not worth finding out which ones are infected and which ones are not. To rid your home of these potential disease-carrying pests, call pest control in Baldwyn.

Why Mosquitoes Are Back In Baldwyn

As the weather warms back up, mosquitoes are showing back up in Baldwyn. Think about it. When the weather is cold, most people stay indoors, but when the weather warms up, more people are out and about: mosquitoes think the same way. Not only is the weather ideal for flowers and blood meals, but it’s conducive for reproducing. 

So knowing that the mosquito population is about to rise, it’s time for you to get proactive in your mosquito control and prevention efforts. Call McCary Pest Control to get your services started; it truly is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

The following mosquito prevention tips will be most effective when combined with mosquito control services:

  • Address moisture control issues in your yard.
  • Keep your grass cut low.
  • Trim back overgrown vegetation close to your home.
  • If you have a pool, make sure you’re cleaning it regularly.
  • Clean your gutters out.

Mosquitoes are attracted to your home due to moisture and shade. If you can eliminate the things that attract them to your home, they have no reason to infest your yard.

At McCary Pest Control, we know the seriousness of mosquitoes and their bites. That’s why controlling them is our top priority in safeguarding your home. Call and speak to one of our pest experts for mosquito and other pest control services.

What To Do If Mosquitoes Have Taken Over Your Yard

If mosquitoes have become more of a health concern than a nuisance, then it’s time to call your local Baldwyn Pest Control. Because the diseases carried by mosquitoes are dangerous, trying to remove them independently isn’t safe. Mosquito professionals have all the proper protective equipment and products to eradicate an infestation and protect themselves while safeguarding your home.

Why Call McCary For Professional Mosquito Control In Baldwyn

Mosquitoes are vectors of serious and harmful diseases like malaria, West Nile, and Zika viruses. And while not all mosquitoes bite or transmit disease, that doesn’t mean they can call your home theirs as well. 

If mosquitoes are becoming unwanted house guests or are getting to the point that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space without swatting them, it’s time to call McCary Pest Control. Get your mosquito control services started today.