The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation Around Your Baldwyn Home

fire ants crawling on table

Would you walk through grass blindfolded and without shoes if you knew there were fire ant hills ahead? Absolutely not! These small insects would leave your feet blistered and stinging in pain. Fire ants are among the worst yard pests in our area and cause a lot of local property owners strife. We are here today to offer a trick to getting rid of fire ant infestations around your Baldwyn yard and home. For prompt services, call McCary Pest Control. We will make your life simple with a quick and easy solution to fire ants. 

How To Identify A Fire Ant

Fire ants are fairly unique compared to other types of ants in Baldwyn. For one, they rarely invade local homes. This species prefers to live outside where it is hot and dry. They typically build their nests in open areas in the middle of lawns. Their nests are also unique in that they do not have a central entrance hole but instead have several tunnels around the base of mounds. As for the fire ant itself, this pest is ⅛ to ⅜” long, dark reddish-brown, and typically has a darker colored abdomen. Do not get too close to fire ants as they might attack. 

The Multiple Problems Fire Ants Can Create Around Your Home

When most people think about a fire ant they think about the pain this pest causes. Fire ants cause pain by crawling up to a patch of exposed skin, latching on with their powerful mandibles, and then injecting venom with their stingers as many times as they can. This causes immediate pain and a residual burning sensation and itchiness in the affected area. What most people do not think about is how fire ants damage lawns. Their mounds are large and they suffocate healthy turf. Even after you remove active nests from your yard, you will have to invest in lawn maintenance to revitalize your grass. Another problem fire ants cause comes when they enter homes. Although these pests prefer to live outdoors, they will come inside if exterior conditions threaten their health. This is especially problematic if you don’t like being bitten and stung indoors. 

You Shouldn't Try To Tackle Fire Ant Control On Your Own

If you look up red imported fire ant info, one thing you will find is that their colonies have multiple queens. This makes nests much less susceptible to conventional pest control. When faced with danger, queens will split up and find new, safer areas to build new nests. If you try to tackle an infestation on your own, you run the risk of spreading the problem and even possibly pushing these pests into your home. Keeping this in mind, if you see a fire ant mound in your yard, consider bringing in a professional. At McCary Pest Control, we offer comprehensive options to help homeowners deal with their ant problems and would be happy to pay your property a visit. 

Call The Professionals For Total Fire Ant Elimination

The only reliable way to handle Baldwyn fire ants is to invest in a professional pest control plan. At McCary Pest Control, we put a lot of effort into making sure our services meet our community’s needs. We will perform a detailed inspection of your home and property, identify what problems you are up against, and then offer some short and long-term options to deal with ants. 

Call now and find out what pest control in Baldwyn would look like for your property and find the best solution to ant problems around.