Eliminating Bed Bugs: Strategies For Effective Bed Bug Control For Your Home In Amory

If bed bugs are biting, McCary Pest Control can help.

Waking up and finding bite marks on your skin is not fun. In fact, we would argue that this is incredibly disturbing. The only thing more disturbing than this is feeling little insects crawling around on your skin while you are asleep. This is what it is like living with bed bugs. These small insects have a bad habit of invading homes locally.

To help you deal with these frustrating bugs, here is what you should know about the bed bugs in Amory and why you don’t want them in your home. Call McCary Pest Control to learn more about our advanced pest control solutions. We will share with you some of our bed bug removal options and find one that will best handle these pests for you.

Identifying Bed Bugs: Signs Of Infestation To Look For

There are two ways to identify bed bugs inside your home. The first method involves keeping your eye out for these pests. Adult bed bugs are about ¼” long, reddish brown, and have oval-shaped bodies. They are larger when engorged with a blood meal. The second way to identify these pests involves looking for the signs they leave behind. Here are some of the most common signs of bed bugs:

  • Shed skin
  • Eggs
  • Blood stains
  • Fecal droppings
  • Dead bed bugs

Look for these signs around your bed, bedroom, and inside cracks and crevices around your home. For help identifying these pests, talk with our team about our thorough inspection services.

Bed Bugs And Sleepless Nights: How They Affect Your Well-Being

There is good news and bad news when it comes to bed bugs. The good news is that these pests do not spread diseases like other blood-feeding pests. The bad news is that they still cause serious problems.

The two main problems associated with these insects are insomnia and anemia. Both of these conditions drastically affect general health but are both treatable. You will not find freedom from these things, however, if bed bugs remain inside your home. Keeping this in mind, here is what you need to know about bed bug control.

Incomplete Solutions: Why DIY Methods Often Fail To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is by no means easy. These pests are one of the most difficult insects to control locally. Why is this the case?

For one, bed bugs are elusive. If faced with danger, they will seek shelter inside the walls of your home. They can then remain deep in hiding for months without a blood meal or until it is safe to come back out. To make things worse, bed bugs are resistant to many traditional forms of pest control. Unless you know what products work and how to utilize them inside your home, you will find it difficult to control these little invasive bugs. That said, there is an easier option to handle bed bugs.

Eliminating Bed Bugs: The Solution For Amory Homeowners

Getting rid of bugs does not have to be challenging. By hiring our team at McCary Pest Control, you can make dealing with these pests so much easier.

We will pay you a visit, assess the severity of your infestation, and offer a quick solution to give these bugs the boot. Unfortunately, we cannot provide long-term protection like we can with other pests. To avoid bed bugs, you have to keep an eye out for these pests and avoid areas where they might be living. Call McCary Pest Control now to learn more about bed bug control in Amory and find a quick way to get these pests out of your home.