What Happens To Spiders In The Winter In Tupelo

black widow spider in a web

Spiders in Mississippi can find their way indoors during colder months. All types of spiders may find a human home more to their liking than winter weather outside. Household spiders are nothing to lose sleep over; our technicians at McCary Pest Control easily handle common household spiders in Tupelo, Mississippi.  

Types of Spiders Found In Tupelo, Mississippi

When it comes to spiders found in homes, a handful of species belong in this category. While some of these arachnids may not be seen unless folks are actively looking for them, it’s good to know what could be crawling around homes. Most of these spiders are not dangerous but are no less welcome indoors.   

Harmless Spiders:

  • House Spider: These little guys are quite the web builders. Their webs can seemingly pop up instantaneously in household ceiling corners. Featuring a brownish-tan color and ivory striping, these spiders are commonly found in Tupelo homes.
  • Jumping Spider: This type of spider uses webs as a personal retreat, not to capture prey. Known for their jumping ability, these compact arachnids may be black, tan, gray, or brown; they can have additional colored markings in green, blue, white, yellow, or red shades.
  • Orb Weaver Spider: Many species within the orb-weaver group can come in various colors and sizes. The golden silk spider, aka the banana spider, is a large orb-weaver known to frequent this part of Mississippi. Females may grow up to 40 millimeters in length and exhibit a tropical color scheme of black, yellow, brown, and orange.
  • Wolf Spider: These fast movers are known for chasing their prey instead of using webs, as many other spiders do. Wolf spiders are hairy and large; they usually exhibit shades of brown.

Venomous Spiders:

  • Black Widow: Female southern black widows can inflict painful bites on Tupelo homeowners. These spiders are a glossy black color with a distinctive red hourglass on their bellies. Males are smaller, brown, and harmless.
  • Brown Recluse: These nasty spiders may be little, but their bites can pack a painful punch. Folks can look for the characteristic fiddle mark between the eyes and abdomen; the coloring is tan.

Keep Nasty Spiders And Their Prey Out

Implementing an overall pest control strategy can reduce other bugs common household spiders like to eat, thus nixing spiders’ main attraction to homes. 

  • Keep Food Out Of Reach: Don’t tempt pests with savory snacks in the home. Store pantry products in strong containers that have air-tight lids.
  • Stay On Top Of Trash: Use a main household garbage can that has a cover; empty frequently. Inspect the exterior trash bin to ensure the lid closes tightly.
  • Tackle Moisture Issues: Spiders, as well as many of their favorite treats (other pests), can’t say no to water. Drips and leaks throughout the home should be repaired, and a dehumidifier can be installed to dry up moist areas indoors.
  • Tidy It Up: Maintain a strict cleaning schedule to remove crumbs. Declutter and clear away webs.

Preventing Winter Household Spiders

Keeping on top of spider prevention can be tedious, but the payoff is worth the effort.

  • Check The Grounds: Make sure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from home and remove leaf litter piles.
  • Inspect The Exterior: Caulk up any holes or fractures found in the exterior structure that could be used as potential entryways.
  • Install Aids: The use of door sweeps and window screens can be beneficial but only when in sound condition and properly installed.

Controlling Spiders In Mississippi 

When there are spiders found in homes, a proper course of action is needed. Contact McCary Pest Control to handle spider problems; we gladly offer expert advice and assistance. Technicians from our family-owned business use eco-friendly products and guarantee our helpful services.