Effective Mosquito Control Services: Protect Your Home And Family In Tupelo

a mosquito biting a hand

Nothing ruins a nice day outside like a visit from a hungry mosquito. It’s one thing if you’re hiking or in a park; when mosquitoes have made a home in your yard, that’s personal. McCary Pest Control provides mosquito control in Tupelo that will keep you and your yard safe from mosquitoes for good.

Understanding Mosquito Behavior: Essential For Effective Control

Mosquitoes are small, silvery insects that you’re probably more aware of after they’re gone, and you’re left dealing with itchy bites. Only female mosquitoes bite since they need that extra protein to lay eggs. Otherwise, adult mosquitoes feed on nectar. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. It only takes about two weeks for a mosquito egg to hatch and grow into adulthood.

Effective mosquito control often involves some understanding of mosquito behavior. Sure, you can spray some product randomly over your yard, but using focused treatments in areas most likely to have mosquitoes is much more effective. You can also prevent mosquitoes around your yard if you understand what attracts them.

Mosquito Dangers: Itchy Bites, Allergic Reactions And Diseases

Mosquito bites usually result in an itchy, red welt, the body’s natural reaction to a mosquito’s saliva. Bites heal on their own, but excessive scratching can lead to infection.

The bigger concern with mosquitoes is the risk of disease. In Tupelo, mosquitoes are known carriers of West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, and tularemia. Although mosquito-borne illness is relatively rare in the United States, transmission still happens. These are serious diseases, so you should do everything possible to avoid mosquito bites.

Mosquito Prevention: Eco-Friendly And Effective Tips

Once you understand the basics of mosquito habits, you can implement mosquito prevention practices around your yard. These tips make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes, which minimizes your chances of being bitten:

  • Remove anything that collects water
  • Clear out overgrown plants
  • Plant lemongrass, basil, mint, and other plants that repel mosquitoes 
  • Apply mosquito repellent whenever you go outside

Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, they’ll seek out areas where they have easy access to collections of water. Mosquito eggs have been found in items as small as a bottle cap, so they don’t need much water. Make sure your yard is clear of trash and other things that can hold water, or replace the water frequently.

Mosquitoes seek out shady areas underneath plants as a space to rest. Removing overgrowth can make your yard less comfortable for mosquitoes. You can also install plants that are known to repel mosquitoes. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, and mint can help keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Whenever you go outside, apply an insect repellent designed for mosquitoes. You can also wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to make sure more of your skin is protected against bites.

These tips can definitely help keep mosquitoes away from your yard. But if you’re still finding mosquitoes near your home, your best option is to contact a professional home pest control company.

Professional Mosquito Control: Create A Mosquito Barrier For Your Yard

McCary Pest Control provides professional mosquito treatments for Tupelo homes. All of our options are eco-friendly, so you can be sure that your home and the environment are equally protected. For mosquitoes, we offer monthly treatments and one-time services for special events. We’ve found that backpack misters are the most effective method for mosquito control, so we prioritize this treatment method. We also offer other options based on your needs.

To learn more about how McCary Pest Control can make your home a mosquito-free zone, call us today and schedule your first service appointment.