Why You Do Not Want Flies In Your Baldwyn Home

Have you ever been tormented by flies? They can drive you crazy; flies buzz in your ears, bite your skin, and land on your food. While you might expect to deal with various types of flies outdoors, having them inside your house is much worse. Flies can complicate your normal daily activities and make it impossible to relax in your own home.

Once flies are inside your house, it can be difficult to get them out without professional pest control in Baldwyn. There are three main reasons that flies in homes are a problem: they’re a nuisance, they spread disease, and they contaminate food. In this guide, we’ll explore each of these issues in more depth.

Flies Are A Nuisance

At McCary Pest Control, we get tons of calls about flies. The most immediate concern for many of our customers is that flies are simply a nuisance. Flies are incredibly annoying, as they may buzz around your face, attack your food, and bite. There are several types of flies that commonly infest Baldwyn homes. Here are the species that you are most likely to encounter:

  • Drain flies - Drain flies are also called moth flies due to their moth-like appearance. They lay eggs in moist areas, and their populations can quickly grow out of control.
  • House flies - House flies are the most common type of residential fly. They are gray with black stripes and have red eyes.
  • Fruit flies - Fruit flies are tiny, tan flies that are attracted to decaying fruits and vegetables.
  • Horse flies - Horse flies are large, aggressive flies that leave painful, itchy bites.
  • Blow flies - Blow flies are metallic blue, gray, or black in color. They feed on animal carcasses and decaying meat.

The presence of any species of fly in your home is far from ideal. These pests are a nuisance and pose dangerous risks as well.

Flies Carry Diseases

The most serious problem with flies is that many species spread disease. Flies are highly unsanitary, as they often land on garbage, feces, dead animals, and other filthy locations. Flies are crawling with bacteria and transfer this bacteria onto wherever they land, including your food, cooking surfaces, and even your skin. Flies in kitchens can be especially problematic as they can easily contaminate food, dishes, and cookware.

Some species of fly are more harmful than others. Drain flies and horse flies are not known to spread any diseases, while house flies, blow flies, and fruit flies all carry dangerous bacteria. House flies carry at least 100 pathogens, including typhoid, tuberculosis, and salmonellosis. Flies may seem like a mere nuisance at first glance, but these pests can potentially land you in the hospital. For the sake of your health, it’s important to get flies out of your home as soon as possible.

Flies Contaminate Food

Related to the previous issue of disease transmission is the fact that flies contaminate food. As mentioned, flies often frequent unsanitary locations where they pick up bacteria. When flies land on your food, the bacteria can be transferred to the surface of the food.

Some types of flies are especially attracted to food, such as fruit flies that feed on decaying produce. Leaving fresh fruit sitting out to ripen can lead to an infestation of fruit flies in kitchen areas. Different kinds of flies may also contaminate your food through their vomit and feces. For example, house flies defecate nearly every time they land, including when they land on your food!

While flies have the potential to contaminate your food, contamination levels depend on the contact time with the food and the bacterial concentration. Your food may be safe to eat after contact with flies, but to be on the safe side, you’ll probably want to throw out any food that flies have landed on. To help keep your food safe from flies, store produce in the refrigerator and keep food covered before eating it.

The Best Fly Control In Baldwyn

Flies are annoying, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous pests. Eliminating them from your house will make your time at home more pleasant and protect you from the associated health risks. The best way to get rid of flies in Baldwyn is to work with the experts at McCary Pest Control.

Our fly control solutions begin with a thorough inspection of your home. We will identify the different kinds of flies you may have on your property, and their breeding and resting locations. Next, we will treat your home for flies with safe and effective products, eliminating the entire fly population. McCary Pest Control has been a trusted name for pest control in Baldwyn since 1972. Contact us today for quality fly control and outstanding service.

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