The Secret To Effective German Cockroach Control In Baldwyn

While German cockroaches aren’t the only type of roach to plague the Baldwyn area, they are the most common. Usually growing less than an inch long, German cockroaches tend to have lighter brown coloring, but you can distinguish them from other species by the two, dark brown stripes behind their heads. Both female and male German cockroaches develop wings, but you’re unlikely to ever see these roaches fly. They prefer to crawl or scurry across walls and floors if they can.

Not only are German cockroaches the most common roach species in Baldwyn (and the rest of the country), but they’re also one of the most unsanitary. These roaches have a preference for breeding and reproducing in sewers before they end up in your home. Once they are in your house, you may find German cockroaches in places you wouldn’t expect to – like dresser drawers or near other non-food items.

As tricky as German cockroaches may be to contend with, there is a secret to getting rid of them. Here’s what homeowners should know about the dangers that German cockroaches can bring into Baldwyn homes, the best way to deal with this roach species, and what you can do to prevent future problems.

Are German Cockroaches Dangerous?

Because German cockroaches prefer to spend their time in sewers or drains where they can feed on decaying organic matter, this roach species tends to be more unsanitary than other types. They can be dangerous to Baldwyn homes in the following ways:

They can trigger allergies and asthmatic symptoms. Like any other roach, German cockroaches have an enzyme in their saliva and droppings that exacerbates asthma symptoms and even causes allergic reactions in some people. Certain people, like young children, tend to experience this side effect of roach infestations more severely.

They can spread dangerous bacteria. After hanging out in sewer drains, it’s no surprise that German cockroaches put you at risk for catching harmful pathogens like salmonellosis, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. They can contaminate food items with pathogens directly, but roaches can also spread this bacteria by crawling across surfaces where you eat or prepare food.

How To Deal With German Cockroaches In Baldwyn

Because they reproduce more rapidly and put you at greater risk for contamination than other roach species, you don’t want German cockroaches living in your home for long. The most effective way to combat them is with professional assistance from McCary Pest Control.

If you’re spotting cockroaches in your Baldwyn home – whether they’re German cockroaches or another type – you shouldn’t wait for the infestation to keep growing. Call us at McCary Pest Control today for more information about how we can eliminate your cockroach problem or schedule an inspection.

How To Prevent German Cockroaches In Baldwyn

While professional assistance is the best way to deal with existing cockroach problems, there are a couple of tips you can use to keep future roaches away, such as:

  • Keep a tight lid on food. Cockroaches are drawn to food, so it’s important to make sure you’re keeping leftovers in airtight containers or sealed packaging. This includes keeping a tight lid on pet food, cleaning up food crumbs and scraps, and washing dirty dishes often.
  • Seal your indoor and outdoor trash cans. If they can’t get into your leftovers, German cockroaches may turn to your trash. Keep both indoor and outdoor garbage bins sealed and empty these cans on a regular basis.
  • Identify and seal cracks and potential entry points. While they can crawl through drains or sewers, cockroaches prefer to use tiny gaps and holes in your walls or foundation to get into your home. You’ll want to identify any small cracks and crevices along your home’s foundation and use a sealant to keep them out.
  • Regularly perform deep cleans of your home. Cockroaches thrive in clutter, including storage boxes, clothing piles, and any other mess you may have lying around. Performing a deep clean of your home on a regular basis can prevent roaches from hiding in clutter and help force them out into the open.
  • Deal with leaky faucets and other moisture issues. Cockroaches love moisture and tend to be attracted to rooms like the bathrooms and kitchens. If you have moisture issues in your home, like plumbing problems or leaky faucets, you’ll want to address them as soon as you notice them.

These steps should help minimize your risk of attracting German cockroaches, but if you have questions or concerns about roaches or other pests, don’t hesitate to call the residential pest control experts at McCary Pest Control.

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