The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Tupelo Home

More and more, a light is being shined on the threat bugs can present to human health. With mosquito-borne diseases like Zika virus and tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease making headlines, residents of Tupelo are asking the question, "How worried should we be about bed bugs?" We have some good news. Bed bugs aren't like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other pests that are disease threats to people. Today, we're going to take a look at why.

How Animals Play A Part In Human Disease

Are you aware that bugs aren't born with infectious diseases? A mosquito doesn't hatch from its egg with Zika virus. It must contract the organism that leads to the transmittable virus we know as Zika. Fortunately, there is currently no reservoir for Zika virus in the United States. That is to say, there are no animals that carry this disease here, so mosquitoes can't easily pick it up. They get it from travelers who bring this disease into the United States from other countries.

How this relates to bed bugs:

Bed bugs are indoor pests. They don't live outside. The only way they are likely to come into contact with diseases is if someone comes into your home with the disease.

Bed bugs have a preference for human blood. If an infected animal, such as a mouse or rat, comes into your home, bed bugs are not predisposed to feed on them. This reduces the disease threat further.

How Bugs Transmit Diseases

If a bug contracts a disease-causing organism, it isn't necessarily capable of transmitting it to a human. Some ticks do not spread Lyme disease because they can't. Some mosquitoes don't spread Zika virus because they can't. Why is this? The organism must be able to grow in the gut of a bug and work its way to the salivary glands.

How this relates to bed bugs:

There is currently evidence that bed bugs can spread disease. There is one disease that is a particular concern. It is Chagas disease, which is caused by exposure to Trypanosoma cruzi. The good news is that there are no real-world cases that can be cited.

Bed bugs aren't great candidates for the spread of disease in the real world. This is because they don't get around. If they infest your home, the bugs that feed on you are going to live as close to you as possible. They may never feed on anyone else in your home. They're definitely not going to go from house to house feeding on people. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will contract Trypanosoma cruzi, or any other disease-causing organism.

Bugs That Get Into Trash

There are bugs that are exposed to trash, feces, and other dirty things. In these places, they pick up harmful microorganisms and spread them around from place to place. Bugs that get into trash as readily as they get into food cabinets are of the greatest concern.

How this relates to bed bugs:

Bed bugs don't get into trash. Their food source is blood—with a preference for human blood.

Bed bugs don't get into food cabinets. They have no reason to do this.

Are Bed Bugs Harmless?

Not quite. There are many ways bed bugs can cause harm. But we wouldn't consider them to be dangerous. If these insects get into your Tupelo home, these are a few of the ways they can harm you and your family.

  • Bed bugs bite. Each bug usually bites three times, and several bed bugs will feed on you at the same time in the same general area. This is not only irritating, it can be traumatizing.
  • Bed bug bites itch. If you, or someone you love, scratch bed bug bites, they can become infected.
  • Bed bug bites can cause you to lose sleep. Over time, sleep deprivation can have an impact on your mental health and cognitive abilities.
  • Ongoing bloodletting can lead to a condition called anemia.

If bed bugs get into your home, they have the ability to cause serious injury to your social life. It is hard to organize a birthday or football party when people find out you have bed bugs. Bed bugs can also impact your kid's social life, and they can lead to bullying at school. You can combat this by sharing facts about bed bugs, such as the fact that they can live in the cleanest of homes.

What To Do About Bed Bugs

If you discover bed bugs in your home, you don't need to fear them, but it is a good idea to contact a licensed pest management professional and have your home treated. If you live in Tupelo, Mississippi, reach out to McCary Pest Control for immediate assistance with your bed bug problem. We offer advanced bed bug control options. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite.

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