Why Are There Ants In My Baldwyn Home And How Do I Get Them Out?

ants on a table

Baldwyn pest control is a thriving market unto itself! Our climate is perfect for all sorts of nuisance wildlife who love Baldwyn for the same reasons we do.

While most of the pests we deal with aren’t overly aggressive or predatory toward humans, they are bothersome and occasionally dangerous for other reasons. Some of these pests, for example, are superstars where causing property damage is concerned. Termites, moles, and rodents come to mind!

Ants, however, are a whole world unto their own. These wildly successful animals have staked their turf all over the planet, and are some of the most interesting critters nature has to offer.

That said, they make some pretty bad neighbors! If you see ants in your home, trouble could be brewing. Read on to learn how to act if you suspect you have an infestation.

Does One Ant Mean I Have An Infestation?

If you see a stray ant in your Baldwyn home, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean there’s already an infestation underway. If you see multiple ants in a small enough time span, then you may be dealing with an infestation.

Keep in mind the way these animals scout – if a stray ant doesn’t find anything to eat, they’ll signal to the rest of the colony that your home is a waste of their time! If you see a lot of ants, it means these scouts likely already infiltrated your home and told their colonies to follow suit.

Ant hills, on the other hand, are a fairly good indicator of an infestation, at least where the ant hill is located. An ant hill may appear small, but like an iceberg, there is a lot more underground that we can’t see, housing many, many more ants. Stay away from these hills, as you may carry ants into your home!

Does An Ant Infestation Mean My Home Is Dirty?

Ant pest control can and does often start with the homeowner. While a home isn’t necessarily dirty because ants have made their way into it, it may speak to the availability of food somewhere on the premises.

Often, simply dropping some crumbs that fall out of sight, such as under a refrigerator or piece of furniture, is enough to attract a few ants.

Ant control in your house is broadly the same as it is anywhere else – keep the food and waste sealed properly and you’re ahead of the curve!

How Do I Prevent Ants From Coming Into My Home?

Most ant prevention tips really do come down to food and waste storage best practices. If the ants don’t get a sense that there is any food available on your property, they’re likely to set up shop elsewhere.

Think of the way ants forage and scout. A colony of ants will have several explorers heading out in every direction in search of food. If they find food, they will favor it. If they find nothing, they’ll signal to the colony to look elsewhere.

What's The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

A lot of people want to know how to get rid of ants on their own. While it’s certainly respectable that homeowners would want to tackle this sort of project alone, there’s not much of a chance for success. Unfortunately, ants are well and truly capable of evading the very worst that homeowners can throw at them.

So, if homeowners can’t get rid of ants on their own, can pest control get rid of ants? Or are homeowners simply doomed to deal with an infestation once it shows up? Luckily, professional solutions are very effective at totally eradicating an infestation of ants. That means the best ant control solutions available to you are your phone and computer to call in the pros!