Four Easy Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Baldwyn Home

cockroaches crawling on food

For Baldwyn homeowners, few things inspire dread as much as a pest infestation does. However, that dread goes up a notch when the pest in question is a cockroach. This pest is known to be gross yet is considered relatively harmless.

However, the truth is far different. Before we get into the dangers cockroaches bring, let's take a look at what a cockroach looks like. Cockroaches are actually made up of multiple species belonging to the same family. While there are some key differences between the species, they all possess a flattened oval body with long threadlike antennae protruding from their head. In addition, they boast a shining body that is black, brown, or red in color. Their head faces downward and they possess wings.
Some species of cockroaches in Baldwyn, like the American cockroach, can fly while other species are unable to fly. Regardless of their ability to fly, cockroaches do share one more special trait to consider when looking to remove them. They are highly formidable and able to survive things that would take out lesser pests. Some examples include their ability to adapt to their environment and their ability to digest foods that other pests simply can't digest.

So Very Dangerous When Left Alone

We mentioned that cockroaches are gross. There's a reason for that. Their grossness directly ties into their threat level. Cockroaches like to crawl on and eat garbage, fecal matter, and other decaying materials. As such, they pick up a range of pathogens and bacteria during their travels.
Roaches have been known to transmit various diseases including but not limited to salmonella, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, and E. coli. In addition, a heavy infestation has been known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma in young children.

Limit Your Attraction

The secret to cockroach control is cockroach prevention. Without professional help, you won't win the fight against roaches since they reproduce too quickly at a rate of 16 to 48 eggs per egg capsule depending on the species. Some ways to limit how attractive your home includes:

  • Declutter: Roaches love to hide in your junk and clutter. This allows them to nest and it works as a food source. One way to remain protected from invasion is to keep your house neat and clean.
  • Address Moisture: It's nearly impossible to starve a roach out of your home. However, they can't last longer than a week without access to water. Take out the water sources and watch the population disappear before it even begins to grow.
  • Food And Trash Storage: Since roaches like your food and your trash, it's only sensible to ensure both are properly stored and sealed. If they can't get into your stuff, they won't care to stick around.
  • Sealing Everything Up: Due to their size, roaches will slip into any crack, crevice, or hole surrounding the perimeter of your home. Use silicone caulk to fill these entry points. Also, be sure there aren't any gaps between the sewer lines and various walls, as they will come in through there as well.

Eliminate The Cockroaches With McCrary Pest Control

Cockroaches are a pain for any homeowner. They transmit disease and seem to taunt people despite their best efforts to remove them. You don't have to let that be your choice any longer. At McCrary Pest Control, our team is ready and willing to do what it takes to ensure you become cockroach free and stay that way.
Are you in need of cockroach prevention services? Just give our team at McCrary Pest Control a call to get the process to a roach-free home started. Now is the time to trust in guaranteed results.