Rodent Rundown: Keeping These Dangerous Pests Away From Your Tupelo Property

mouse outside home

Nobody wants to see a mouse running through their kitchen or find something chewed through food packaging in the pantry. But if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, this has probably happened. McCary Pest Control has the solution you need to keep rodents away from your home for good. Our rodent control in Tupelo is effective and affordable so you can live peacefully in a rodent-free home.

Signs Of Rodent Activity: How To Detect A Problem Early

Rodents in Tupelo are common household pests. Fortunately, they leave behind plenty of evidence of their presence; you just have to know what to look for. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, look for these signs:

  • Gnaw marks on furniture, walls, and other surfaces
  • Rod-shaped droppings
  • Footprints
  • Greasy rub marks on walls
  • Burrow-like nests
  • Smell of urine
  • Damaged food packaging
  • Scratching noises

Mice and rats run fast and like to hide. You won’t always see them, but if you do, you need to be able to distinguish mice from rats. Mice are much smaller than rats, usually only reaching 2 to 3 inches in body length plus a few extra inches in the tail. They have rounded body shapes. Rats have more elongated bodies and can be up to 10 inches long, not including the tail.

Rodent Dangers: Health Risks And Property Damage

One of the biggest problems with a rodent infestation is that these animals get into food. They can spread many diseases as they break into and eat your food. These include leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, salmonellosis, and cowpox. Some people also experience asthma and allergy symptoms from mice’s droppings and fur. Rats can carry fleas and ticks.

Mice and rats are burrowing animals. They have strong teeth that allow them to chew through drywall, electrical cables, plastic bags, and cardboard. They’ll chew and scratch their way into openings as they build nests; this can lead to serious damage to your home if the infestation isn’t taken care of.

Rodent-Proof Your Home: Essential Steps To Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Rodent exclusion focuses on ensuring that mice and rats can’t get inside your house and that nothing attracts them. Following these rodent prevention tips makes you less likely to develop an infestation:

  • Seal any cracks or holes larger than a quarter.
  • Make sure that all doors close properly with no gaps underneath.
  • Store food in solid, airtight containers or in the fridge.
  • Address anything causing excess moisture.
  • Apply strong scents around potential entry points or food sources, such as peppermint or vinegar.

Rodents can squeeze into tight spaces. Covering up holes and ensuring that all doors seal properly with no gaps means they won’t be able to get inside as easily.

Solid, airtight containers make your food inaccessible to rodents. They can chew through plastic bags and cardboard boxes, but not hard glass or plastic. They also won’t be able to smell the food as easily.

Excess moisture caused by leaks or poor ventilation can attract rodents to your home. Making any necessary repairs prevents infestation.

Rodents have a strong sense of smell. Peppermint oil, vinegar, and other strong scents overpower rodents’ abilities and can keep them away from certain areas of your home.

It’s important that you implement rodent exclusion measures around your home. But for total rodent control, you likely need assistance from a professional pest control company.

Professional Rodent Control: Why Expertise Matters

McCary Pest Control has the Tupelo rodent extermination you need for your home. Our treatments begin with a home inspection; this allows us to find where the rodents hide, how they get inside, and any damage they’ve caused. Then we’ll begin our treatment process, focusing on the areas of your home that need it the most. Our methods for rodent control are proven to be effective. If you need high-quality, affordable rodent control, call McCary Pest Control.