Three No-Sweat Mosquito Control Tips For Baldwyn Properties

mosquito biting and spreading disease

Mosquitoes are small flying insects with a black or brown appearance, a pair of wings, and long legs. They typically measure between 1/8th and 3/8th of an inch long. They are most prevalent during the warmest and most humid months when they commonly annoy those participating in various outdoor activities. The females can land on people and animals’ skin and deliver a bite that allows them to consume the blood needed to produce eggs. Mosquitoes exist in water during the first three phases of development in eggs, larvae, and pupae. Females can lay hundreds of eggs, which are sticky and adhere to most types of materials. These pests typically remain outdoors but will fly inside when openings exist. 

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes? 

Bites from mosquitoes are very irritating and may cause redness, pain, and itchy skin. Roughly three or four species found here can transmit harmful diseases among humans, including the West Nile virus, encephalitis, and several other problems. The saliva of the mosquito will contain the pathogens that transfer among their many hosts. Throughout the world, more than 500,000 people die from mosquito-related complications each year. 

Three Tips To Limit Mosquitoes 

  1. Eliminate standing or pooling water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Keep your gutters and downspouts free and clear of debris that could prevent diverting water away from your property. Empty the water in birdbaths or kiddie pools regularly. Remove items such as old tires, buckets, or other containers that can hold water. Promptly repair leaking fixtures or pipes to limit moisture and pools of water from developing.
  2. Preventing contact with the skin: Limit your outdoor activities during the hours of dusk and dawn when these pests are generally most active. Wear long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants to prevent exposed areas of the skin. You can apply a repellant to the skin’s exposed areas, but the active agent must be approved for safety by the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA).
  3. Avoid wearing strongly scented products: Some types of lotions, fragrances, and soaps may attract mosquitoes. 

Make The Smart Choice To Eliminate Pests

Are you a property owner in Baldwyn experiencing significant problems with mosquitoes or other aggravating and potentially harmful pests? Mosquitoes can spread unwanted viruses and other dangerous illnesses as they bite humans and animals. It is critical not to underestimate the difficulty of eradicating these flying pests. 
In many cases, people make the mistake of attempting to use fabled home remedies or overhyped do-it-yourself products. For example, store-bought treatment options such as aerosol sprays, foggers, or traps are often ineffective and may contain harsh chemicals that might harm people or the environment. Those encountering pest-related problems are strongly urged to contact a licensed exterminator to get the job done right!

Experienced Local Provider Of Pest Extermination Services

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