What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats Lurking Around My Baldwyn Property?

rat in commercial building

Spotting big rats on your Baldwyn property can be one of the most disturbing images a homeowner can come across. Even if you're not seeing rats themselves but noticing signs of an infestation, you know you're in for a difficult battle. Rats are one of the most dangerous, destructive, and hard-to-eliminate infestations in Baldwyn. Here's what homeowners need to know about rats, the dangers they bring to your property, why traps and DIY methods are not often effective against rats, and how pest control in Baldwyn can help. 

How Can I Tell If It's Rats On My Property?

Common home-invading rodents like rats and mice can be hard to detect, especially early on in an infestation. Signs of rats on your property include:

  • Droppings: Unlike smaller mouse droppings, rat droppings usually measure 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in length and have pointed ends.
  • Gnaw Marks: It can be hard to distinguish rats and mice by their chewing marks, but rats are significantly larger and may create more damage in a shorter amount of time.
  • Rub Marks: Both mice and rats tend to follow the same routes throughout their nesting areas and may leave greasy rub marks along these runways. 
  • Nests: Speaking of nests, they are another indicator of rodent infestations. 
  • Damaged Goods: Rats are after your food. Packaging that has been chewed through and other contaminated food is a sure sign of a problem.

Of course, if you see a rat, there are likely many more hiding nearby. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Property?

So you found a rat on your Baldwyn property – just how dangerous can it be? Unfortunately, rats present a triple threat to our homes and safety, and none of them are insignificant. Rats are dangerous to our health in a few different ways. The diseases rats carry and spread include leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and tularemia. They also contaminate our food and are often infested with parasites like ticks and fleas that can spread to our families or pets and transmit other diseases. 

Not only do rats pose a threat to our health, but they are also extremely destructive to homes. Rats have strong jaws and must continuously chew to manage the length of their front incisors. This can lead to extensive damage to our homes and belongings. Even plumbing and electrical systems are susceptible to rat damage which can lead to leaks and fire hazards. In addition to the damage they do to homes, rats are also very unsanitary creatures, and they will soil their nesting areas with urine and droppings that can be challenging to eradicate. 

Finally, rats are social creatures that reproduce at a rapid rate. Females go into heat every four to five days and can be in heat as soon as 48 hours after giving birth. It only takes about three weeks to complete gestation and litters contain five to twelve pups. 

Why Aren't Traps Working To Get Rid Of The Rats?

Once you suspect they're in your home, it's natural to try to get rid of rats as quickly as possible, and often, this leads homeowners to rush to the door in search of snap traps to lay out. The problem with this and other DIY solutions to rat control is that rats are smart and discerning creatures. It can be difficult to control them without expert solutions. Even if you manage to catch some individual rats, they will catch onto your methods and begin to avoid them. The infestation will simply repopulate any individuals you're able to eradicate. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats On My Property For Good?

The best way to get rid of rats fast is with professional help from McCary Pest Control. Our experts will perform a detailed inspection and treat your home using eco-friendly products that are safe for you and your family but effective against rats. We will also create a follow-up treatment schedule to ensure your home stays rat-free moving forward. For the best pest control near you, call McCary Pest Control.