How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Tupelo Home

Dozens of house flies on a window screen

Is getting rid of house flies suddenly a priority? Considering Raid for flies? Googling essential oils to keep flies away? Our technicians at McCary Pest Control can effectively get rid of flies in Tupelo. Homeowners may incorporate plants that repel flies, but there’s no need to rely on bug spray for flies with professional assistance so readily available.

What Causes Fly Infestations In Tupelo Homes?

Before learning how to get rid of flies, it is wise to look into some possible reasons why these pests may be attracted to a particular site.

  • Air Currents: The house fly enjoys a balmy 83 degrees. When temperatures dip below or rise above 83 degrees, flies seek air currents from homes that offer them relief from outdoor temperatures.
  • Compost: Throwing produce scraps into a bin can be great for the garden, but flies dig this stuff in the interim. Shred matter before depositing it in, and don’t allow the compost to become super moist. Add black and white newsprint and some garden lime to the bin to create a less appealing blend to flies. Keep compost bin away from the primary residence.
  • Garbage: House flies adore trash. Everything stinky, rotting, and gross is like an open invitation to these pests. Take out household garbage frequently; empty it into a bin with a lid that shuts tightly. Store exterior garbage cans away from the home.
  • Pet Waste: Keep the litter box clean, and pick up promptly after Spot, so no treats are left for flies. Pet waste is a huge attractant; stay vigilant about ridding the house and yard of these fly delicacies.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Flies In My Tupelo Home?

It’s obvious why some folks try to keep these pests away by using bug spray for flies. The house fly may not seem all that scary, but it is actually one of the more dangerous pests to have lurking in the home. A housefly transfers dozens of pathogens that can cause serious conditions like typhoid, salmonellosis, and tuberculosis. These pests like to hang out in feces, rotting materials, and garbage; they then land right on the food that’s about to be eaten. Yuck!

Effective Fly Prevention Tips For Tupelo Homes

Sometimes the best way to deter flies is to use preventative methods. There are some plants that repel flies; using a few of these in the home garden or inside as houseplants can help control house flies. These plants can also be used to make essential oils to keep flies away:

  • Basil: Often used in Italian cuisine, this plant’s leaves emit a scent that flies do not like.
  • Bay Laurel: This tree’s leaves are often used to season food. Leaves can be picked, dried, and hung around the home to deter flies.
  • Lavender: A fragrant herb that wards off flies and other unsavory pests, lavender is a welcome addition to any home garden.
  • Mint: Many types of mint can be grown; flies tend to avoid this herb’s strong scent.
  • Rosemary: Another culinary herb, rosemary gives off an aroma that flies try to avoid.

Total Fly Control For Tupelo Homes

If homeowners have tried using Raid for flies and flyswatters for the occasional housefly sighting, getting rid of house flies could be a priority. The best and most reliable way to take care of a home fly infestation is by calling residential pest control professionals. McCary Pest Control has the resources and acumen to correctly address fly problems and take care of them without delay. Our helpful technicians can also use eco-friendly treatments that work well against flies in Tupelo.