How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Tupelo Home

House mice infestation

Eeek… mice! If there are signs of mice in and around the property, the bad news is that a mice problem could be developing onsite. House mice are not the cute rodent they can be made out to be. Our helpful technicians at McCary Pest Control offer the best pest control for mice in Tupelo.

House Mice In Mississippi

One little house mouse doesn’t sound all that bad, but that is never the case. A house mouse likes friends and family, and that’s precisely when a mice problem develops. The mouse problem worsens when those friends and family decide to have baby mice of their own.

House mice are mostly a warm gray color with pale bellies. These tiny rodents have dark eyes, whiskers, and a single tail. Historically speaking, mice have learned to rely heavily on humans for food, although they don’t scoff at shelter and water found in homes. These rodents can happily live alongside people, but the feeling is rarely reciprocal.  

The Trouble With Mice In Tupelo 

Mice may not look threatening, but looks can be deceiving. Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, allergies, and worsened asthmatic conditions are health concerns these rodents bring. Another alarming fact? Pests like mites, lice, fleas, and ticks can come indoors on the bodies of mice; this puts residents at even more risk.

Properties and belongings can also be in jeopardy when mice arrive. These prolific breeders love shredding household materials and making nests for their many babies. The house mouse can also gnaw through walls, wood, plastic, and wiring; this can cause a fire hazard for unsuspecting residents.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Worried about how to eliminate mice? This dilemma plagues many a household in the Magnolia State.  Taking care of a mice problem can be done effectively when prevention methods are implemented consistently:

  • Declutter: Break up the romance that mice have with clutter. Ridding the home of clutter, or at least minimizing it, can reduce areas where mice can raise their young. Concentrate in areas of the property where people don’t spend massive amounts of time: basements, garages, outbuildings, and attics.
  • Food: Arguably, the best pest control for mice could be keeping food out of their reach. Ensure food stays hidden from these rodents by storing it in containers that seal tightly. Discard original packaging upon coming home from the supermarket and use glass or metal canisters instead. Consider keeping pantry staples in the freezer. Don’t forget to pay special attention to seeds, nuts, and cereals; they are favorites of the house mouse.
  • Prevent Entry: A house mouse can squeeze through a dime-sized opening, making it important to check the exterior for holes that fit this description. Tuck steel wool inside of any such holes or apply caulk, so mice are blocked from getting inside. Remember to check for any places mice could get through to access garages and outbuildings; implement the above steps as needed.
  • Schedule Regular Cleanings: Keeping a clean home is critical when deterring these rodents. Wipe up spills and crumbs immediately. Frequently disinfect surfaces where food is prepared, served, and eaten. Sweep, dust, mop, and vacuum repeatedly.

Eliminate Mice With Professional Help

Are signs of mice evident in the house? If so, there could be a full-blown mouse infestation, and handling such a situation involves serious work. Avoid risking injury and wasting money on ineffective big box store traps. The most efficient way to safely tackle a mouse infestation is to call the professional technicians at McCary Pest Control. We use eco-friendly products and even offer a free inspection.