The Dangers Of Fire Ants On Your Baldwyn Property

fire ant up close on a plant stem

Ants are a very common pest problem in Baldwyn, and they can cause bigger problems than their small size suggests. While some ants are harmless nuisance pests, others can cause health problems and safety concerns.

Of all the ant species in the area, the fire ant is one of the most frustrating to deal with and also one of the most potentially dangerous. These tiny ants are known for their painful bites and stings, so finding them around your property can be very upsetting.

While fire ants usually live outdoors, they can make their way onto your property and become a problem for you and others around you. You’ve probably seen these ants coming out of small dirt piles as this is where they build their nests. You can identify fire ants by their reddish-brown bodies and reddish black lower abdomens. They are a small insect that only gets to be about a quarter of an inch long.

Why Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

The main concern with fire ants is that they can sting you. Being attacked by these ants can be painful, and leave you with a burning and itching sensation that is unpleasant and can last for up to an hour. In some cases, being stung won’t cause any health problems, but people with allergies can end up with severe reactions.

The scary thing is that most people don’t know if they are allergic to fire ant venom until after they’ve been stung. So, you might not even realize you are at a higher risk. While most people won’t end up with serious side effects, there are cases where fire ants send people to the hospital. Pets can also be bitten and stung and have allergic reactions.

Because of these risks, it’s important to take steps to keep your property safe from fire ants.

Can You Remove Fire Ants On Your Own?

While dealing with potential health risks is frustrating and scary, fire ants are also a problem because they are extremely hard to get rid of. Like most ant species, they are quite invasive and can be difficult to eradicate, but fire ants are even sturdier than many other species.

For one thing, they have extremely large colonies that can have over 20,000 individual ants making them difficult to completely eradicate without professional assistance. Their nests are also really big and can stretch several feet and contain several queens.

Because these ants can have multiple queens, it’s nearly impossible to remove them without help. Even if you kill one queen, the colony will survive. They are also known for the ability to leave their nests and re-colonize a new area if they feel threatened.

How Can You Protect Your Property From Fire Ants?

While dealing with fire ants on your own is potentially dangerous and not a good idea, there is one sure way to prevent and control these harmful ants. The residential and commercial pest control experts at McCary Pest Control have many years of experience handling ant infestations of all levels of severity.

Don’t waste your time and money dealing with fire ants on your own. Let our team of experts provide ongoing assistance to protect your home or business. We can also remove any current ant infestation. Give us a call today to get started.