Ow! What Is This Little Red Ant Inside My Baldwyn Home?

fire ants

The summer is in full swing. Some of us love the summer heat, and we use the time for activities we’ve been waiting to do all year. But we aren’t the only ones. The Baldwyn pest control experts at McCary Pest Control know that it’s these blazing summer months that make all types of ants most active, including the aggressive fire ant.

Do Fire Ants Sting Or Bite?

A lot of discussion is out there about whether fire ants sting or bite, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. The confusion lies in the fact that they both bite and sting:

  • First, they bite down to stabilize the area.
  • Then, they sting with their abdomen’s stinger.
  • They can continue to both bite and sting if not brushed off.

Fire ants are quick to find themselves on new surfaces, including your skin. They move quickly and manically. When they get on you, they bite down on the skin to lock themselves in position to sting you with their stinger. Fire ant bites are mild, but the sting carries venom. If they’re in a frenzy, they can sting multiple times. 

What Do Fire Ant Bites Look Like?

If a fire ant simply bites you and doesn’t get away with stinging you, then you’ll only have mild irritation. Once it stings, you can identify how it looks. Stings start as a red welt, then develop a white pustule at the center of the welt. Pustules take approximately one week to fade away. The ability to sting many times will also mean these stings may be abundant in small areas. You’ll most likely feel a sting if you’re awake. 

Do Fire Ant Bites Hurt?

If you’ve suffered a fire ant sting on your property, you’ll know they can become extremely irritating. The best thing to do when they crawl on you is to wipe them off immediately so they can’t position themselves for a sufficient attack. Stings:

  • Give you an immediate burning sensation.
  • Itch profusely for several days.
  • Cause discomfort for several days.
  • Cause anaphylaxis if you have strong allergies to them.

The initial bite and sting will be noticeable, but it won’t be the worst of it. Discomfort varies depending on your body’s response to fire ant stings. When stung, you release chemicals to battle the allergen, and some people release too much of this, causing low blood pressure and other complications. We value family safety as McCary Pest Control specialists, so we want to remind people prone to anaphylactic shock to have an EpiPen on hand. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and hives indicate the need for prompt medical attention. For most, stings will be incessantly itchy for a little under a week. 

What Can I Do To Stop Fire Ants From Getting Into My Home?

Fire ants in Baldwyn are not uncommon. The worst scenario is if they have invaded your home. There can be several reasons why they enter a home, so be sure to prevent an unintended invitation. To prevent fire ants:

  • Get rid of water and moisture.
  • Seal greasy, oily foods in airtight containers.
  • Manage the population of other insects in the home.
  • Throw away uneaten dog food and cat food. Keep any opened cans or bags in sealed containers.
  • Check your electrical equipment.

Pest control in Baldwyn starts with prevention. Like most ant species, species of fire ants forage for food. They also need water, which is why any standing water in the yard will bring them in, and yards with pools or puddles will draw them more often. These voracious pests eat other insects as well as greasy food, so make sure they don't have easy access to those. Dog and cat food can also stimulate their hunger, so don’t leave pet food sitting out too long. Lastly, any electrical equipment might bring them in, as the shocks they get release pheromones that attract others.

At McCary Pest Control, we know fire ants can quickly get out of hand. Having served the Baldwyn area for 50 years, we have the right knowledge and technology for any pest intrusion. Call us, the most efficient fire ant control for your Baldwyn home, for a free inspection.