How To Identify And Get Rid Of A Termite Problem In Your Tupelo Home

termites crawling on wood

When you walk around your home, do your floors squeak? Are there moisture spots on your floors, walls, and ceiling? If so, you could be dealing with termites. These signs, however, are not definitive and do not immediately prove that you are dealing with an active termite infestation. For this, you will need some more information. Here is everything you should know about the different types of termites in Tupelo and how to identify and deal with an infestation inside your home. Contact McCary Pest Control if you want to learn about our control options. We will show you what termite pest control in Tupelo looks like and explain how we can help you deal with these pests in and around your home.

The First Signs Of A Termite Problem

Termites often leave signs behind when they invade a structure. During swarming season, winged termites will fly around local properties and discard their wigs on window sills. While these wings are not a direct sign that your home is housing an infestation, it shows that you could be at risk of an infestation shortly. Another early sign of termites is the presence of mud tubes. Subterranean termites, the most common termite species in our area, build these pencil-sized tubes to bridge the gap between exterior soil and tasty wood. If your home's wood directly touches any soil, these pests will not need to create mud tubes but will have easy access to structural wood. If you need help determining if your home has an active infestation, call on our team. McCary Pest Control has pest management professionals trained to identify and control termites and other common wood-destroying pests here in Tupelo.

A Termite Infestation Can Cause Extensive Property Damage

The good news with termites is that these pests cannot destroy your property in a week. They can't even cause extensive damage within a month. These pests often take over a year of constant nibbling to deal noticeable damage indoors. That said, they are often able to chew on structures for this long because of the manner in which they attack. Termites are always either underground or inside wood, making them hard to identify and even harder to control. If you are not paying close attention, these pests will slip past your radar and chew at your home for months before you notice them.

Identifying Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

A termite infestation often starts outside the house when these pests find a tasty treat. If you know what might attract termites to your property and how to remove them, you will be better off. Here are a few things that attract termites you should consider removing from your yard.

  • Wet cardboard
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Fallen trees
  • Dead stumps
  • Newspaper
  • Untreated lumber
  • Wet firewood

For more help with termite control, talk with our team at McCary Pest Control and ask about our services. Here is a bit more about why you should choose us for your total termite protection

You'll Need Professional Assistance To Get Rid Of Termites

McCary Pest Control is a local and trusted pest control provider that services hundreds of businesses and thousands of residential properties. We have the tools and training to deal with a wide range of pest problems, including termites. Whether you want direct pest control to remove an active infestation from your property or year-round protection to keep these pests at bay, we have your options here.

Contact our team at McCary Pest Control now to learn more and make an appointment for your Tupelo property to get rid of termites for good.