The Key To Keeping Dangerous Spiders Out Of Your Baldwyn Home

black widow spider

What is your opinion about spiders? Most people absolutely hate these local pests. This is either because they find them creepy or they are worried about being bitten. Regardless of how you feel about these pests, you should understand why they are a problem and how to get them out (and keep them out) of your home. Take some time today to learn about the different types of spiders in Baldywyn and discover some options to get and keep them out of your home. Call our team at McCary Pest Control if you would like to learn about our methods for spider pest control in Baldwyn or to make an appointment for your home and property to deal with an active spider infestation. 

How To Identify The Two Dangerous Spiders Found In The Area

There are many different kinds of spiders that call Baldwyn home. Most are practically harmless and pose no threat to you or your family’s health. Two species, however, are a threat and should be avoided at all costs. We are talking about the southern black widow and the northern black widow. Identify a southern black widow by its large black body and the red hourglass-shaped mark on its underside. Identify a northern black widow by its large black body and the two red spots on its underside. If you are not sure if the spiders in your home are dangerous, call our team for an inspection. We have the experience and training to identify these pests and help you understand your risk.

The Side Effects Of Being Bitten By A Dangerous Spider

If there is anything you should know about dangerous spiders it is that their bites can be dangerous. Now, a bite from a black widow is rarely fatal. In fact, there hasn’t been a recorded death in America for a few decades. This is mostly due to our access to advanced medicine and the quick response of local hospitals in cases of attack. Keeping this in mind, there are still some nasty side effects connected with black widow bites. These include cramps, muscle spasms, moderate to severe pain, and neurological issues like irritability and restlessness. To avoid these symptoms, you have to avoid bites. Here is what you need to know about DIY and professional spider control to keep these sometimes harmful creatures away from your home.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Dangerous Spiders Around Your Home

There is no denying that dangerous spiders are intimidating to deal with. If you see some of these pests inside your home, do not interact with them directly, or at the very least do not let them anywhere near exposed skin. To make sure harmful arachnids get and stay out of your home, turn to our team at McCary Pest Control. We have the advanced spider and pest control options needed to handle dangerous spiders and other common pests here in Baldwyn.

Six Practical Tips To Prevent Future Dangerous Spider Infestations

Although professional control is the best way to control and prevent spiders, there are some things you can do on your own to deter these pests. Here are six practical tips and tricks to prevent future harmful arachnids from invading your home.

  1. Keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  2. Make sure your windows and doors are in good condition.
  3. Install screens on exterior windows and doors.
  4. Replace damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  5. Turn off exterior lights at night.
  6. Tidy up your yard and keep your grass trimmed short.

If you are looking for the best way to get rid of spiders and keep these pests out for good, we have options for you at McCary Pest Control. 

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