Getting Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Baldwyn Home

German Cockroachs around window

German cockroaches are known for being the most invasive species of cockroaches around the world. Here in Baldwyn, these small insects love breaking into homes and regularly cause problems for homeowners. If you suspect your home has an active German cockroach infestation, we would like to help you today. Here is what you should know about German cockroaches and how to get rid of these pests fast. If you need an immediate solution, call us at McCary Pest Control. We offer fast treatments for pests like roaches and would be happy to address your pest problems. 

How To Identify A German Cockroach

There are many types of cockroaches that live here in Baldwyn. The German cockroach is one of the smallest local species. This insect grows to be ½ to ⅝” long, has a light brown to tan body, and two dark, almost parallel lines located behind its head. Like other common kinds of cockroaches, the German roach has six barbed legs, a long oval-shaped body, and two long antennae. To identify this pest without directly seeing it indoors, here are some signs of cockroaches to look out for.

  • Specs of fecal droppings
  • Shed skins
  • Egg casings
  • Dead roaches
  • Grease marks

To identify roaches without scouring your home, have our professionals perform a detailed inspection. We are experts at identifying pests at McCary Pest Control and would be happy to put our experience to work for you.

German Cockroaches In Your Home Create Many Health Concerns

Having German cockroaches indoors is not just a threat to your sanity, but also to your physical health. These small invaders love living in filthy areas and eat things that most animals would be sickened by. Some common snacks roaches might nibble on in and around your home include the fecal matter of other creatures, dead and decaying animals, glue, grease, wallpaper, and even human skin and hair. Sometimes cockroaches pick up harmful bacteria from the things they eat and the places they live. These bacteria can lead to disease. Some common diseases spread by cockroaches include salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, listeriosis, and campylobacteriosis. The only way to guarantee that you and your family do not pick up cockroach-borne diseases is to keep roaches out in the first place.  

How And Why German Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Your Home

German cockroaches love living inside our homes. They prefer comfortable temperatures, regular access to moisture, and accessible food sources. The question is, how do cockroaches get in your house? Most often these bugs skitter inside through cracks and gaps in foundational blocks and spacing around utility piping, wires, and vents. Roaches might also sneak in through open or unprotected doors and windows. One thing we recommend is for every homeowner to weatherproof their home. This will not just help with keeping cool and warm air inside but will reduce your chances of finding roaches indoors. 

What It Takes To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Home

If you want cockroaches to get and stay out of your Baldwyn home, you need professional pest control. Whom can you trust with your home’s pest control care? We would love to throw our hat into the ring. At McCary Pest Control, we treat each of our clients as if they are family. We understand how much your home means to you and the serious threat invasive roaches pose to your health. 

Contact us today to learn how our services might benefit you or if you have questions about pest control in Baldwyn. We will make sure that you and your home get the care you deserve.