Ants In Baldwyn: What You Need To Know

black ants on a blade of grass

How much do you know about the ants that live inside and around your home? Most people have not taken the time to research these pests. Besides, who wants to think about bugs? We think about these pests a lot because we help locals deal with active invasions. This is what we love to do.

Today, we are going to take some time to break down some common types of ants in Baldwyn and share some methods to keep these bugs out of your home. Call us at McCary Pest Control if you need an immediate option to control insects on your property. Let us share some of our options for ant control in Badlwyn and find a plan that will best serve you.

Ant Species Common To Baldwyn

Loads of different types of ants live here in Baldwyn. Many are either black or brown and about 1/16 to ⅛” long. Some common species you should know about are Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, thief ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and fire ants. Of these pests, you are the least likely to find fire ants indoors. Although they will invade from time to time, they prefer dry, hot areas outdoors. Carpenter ants often invade homes, but mostly to build their homes inside structural wood. We will talk more about this in a bit.

Every other species mentioned above loves to come indoors for two reasons: food and shelter. Many will build nests inside wall voids, especially during times of inclement weather. 

Can Ants Be More Than Just A Nuisance?

Ants are obviously annoying pests. These bugs love to crawl around living areas and have no problem contaminating food and cluttering countertops. What you might not know is that certain ant infestations come with serious problems. Fire ants will bite and sting people who get too close to their nests or threaten them. Carpenter ants chew tunnels through wet or softened wood and cause extensive damage over time. Pharaoh ants spread bacteria that they pick up from trash cans and other dirty areas.

If you would like to know if your home has a problematic ant infestation, bring in your friendly McCary Pest Control team for a quick inspection. We will find out what you are dealing with and offer some options for ant control to help quell the issue at hand.

What To Do If You Have An Ant Infestation

Dealing with an ant infestation on your own can be stressful. It can also be a huge waste of money. To make sure these pests are dealt with properly, do not hesitate to involve McCary Pest Control technicians.

We understand what ant pest control methods work best in Baldwyn and would be more than happy to find a dedicated plan to eliminate and prevent these terrible little bugs. If you would like some do-it-yourself options to keep these insects away, here are some tips and tricks to consider.

Prevention Is Critical To Successful Ant Control

We love helping people with their pest problems, even if that means sharing some of our secrets. If you would like to deter ants locally, here are some prevention methods to consider:

  • Use some silicone caulk to seal up gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure your doors and windows have proper seals.
  • Do your best to keep clutter to a minimum and clean your home regularly.
  • Store leftover food inside air-tight containers.
  • Invest in pest-proof trash cans and keep bins clean.

Call your dedicated McCary Pest Control professionals to learn more about Baldwyn ant control and make an appointment for your property.