All The Ways Mice Get Into Your Baldwyn Home

a mouse crawling on a wire

Pests should not be tolerated, no matter how innocent they may seem. Most insects and creatures can and will harm you and your Baldwyn home. Some focus entirely on destroying structures. Others may ruin personal effects. Regardless of what they will damage the majority are capable of making people sick. They are profusely germy and may directly transmit disease, and not to mention, you could be attacked. Even stings and small bites might send you to the hospital. When a creepy crawler is able to reproduce quickly, the threats are certain to become realities. Mice are capable of making all of these nightmares come true. Since mice are so frightening, you probably don’t want to study them. However, doing so will help you build the best defense against them. You’ll further understand their operation and risk factors, and how to prevent them with McCary Pest Control. 

How Do You Get Mice? What Are the Dangers?

House mice are some of the most common rodents seen inside domiciles, as evidenced by their name. These furry creatures have black, gray, or brown hair that’s short, with a lighter colored abdomen. Their flexible bodies are 7 inches long. Being nimble is how they get past foundation holes that are just ½ of an inch around. Otherwise, they’ll chew their way through. Usually, they’ll nestle in basements, structural voids, and cabinets, and really, in any spot that’s moist, humid, dark, and quiet will do. Anticipate these unwanted guests if your home is close to a wooded or grassy location.

As mentioned previously, mice will damage your home and put your health in jeopardy. They chew on all sorts of things to trim their ever-sharpening teeth. Typically, they’ll gnaw on wires, piping, and walls. Of course, this could end in critical plumbing issues, electrical shortages, fires, and cosmetic damage of which all are expensive to recover from. You will also have to worry about the contamination of your food and surfaces with these vermin present. Innumerable parasites are in their hairs, and loads of bacteria are in their waste and saliva. In addition, mice frequent dirty settings such as sewers, trash cans, and streets. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, hantavirus, and salmonella are among the diseases they spread. Signs of a mouse infestation are:  

  • Discovering droppings with blunted tips and a rod-like shape
  • Seeing footprints with four front toes and five back toes 
  • Hearing sounds like squeaking or scratching behind walls
  • Finding teeth indentations on cords and foundations
  • Having smelly odors that are constant

How Can You Prevent Mice?

A thorough cleaning routine and habitual exterior maintenance will assist in keeping mice off your property. These aspects will reduce the enticements such as food for them to eat, and openings for them to get in. Practice doing the following:  

  • Get rid of clutter 
  • Meticulously clean the kitchen and pantry often
  • Always wash the dishes
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly 
  • Use canisters with tight lids for food and garbage storage include pet meals 
  • Immediately have leaks and moisture faults fixed 
  • Close gaps in foundations, windows, and doors: use steel wool, rather than plastic or rubber
  • Recurrently flush gutters and drains
  • Distance plants from the property, and keep grass and greenery cut

What Can McCary Pest Control Do About Mice?

With McCary Pest Control, you’re guaranteed to have a top-notch service that is reasonably priced. We make sure that everyone has access to much-needed mouse management. “Do it yourself” measures and retail products do nothing to combat entry points and infestations but our powerful treatments and options will.  All of our solutions are safe for humans and pets. Our trained technicians are seasoned professionals ready to work. Call us today at McCary Pest Control!