Are Bed Bugs In Tupelo Dangerous?

When we're asked this question, the real question being asked is, "Do bed bugs transmit diseases?" There are many bugs that can spread diseases. As an example, ticks spread Lyme disease. This is a sickness that has acute and chronic components. It only takes one bite from an infected tick to lead to lifelong medical issues. Fortunately, this is very rare. But it is still scary to think that a bug bite could do this. In recent years, we had a scare with the Zika virus. This is a disease spread by mosquitoes. In a small number of cases, Zika was found to cause microcephaly in unborn children. While the chances of being bitten by a mosquito with Zika virus is currently astronomical, it's hard to forget that bugs can be dangerous. So, when bed bugs get into your home, you may wonder, "Do they transmit diseases?" The simple answer is a solid no. We're going to discuss why this is the case, and discuss a few ways bed bugs could make you uncomfortable, or present a minor threat to your safety.

Why Bugs Make You Sick

Bugs aren't born with diseases. They pick them up. Since bed bugs are almost exclusively indoor pests, they don't have a lot of contact with wild animals, which are a common reservoir for diseases. Bed bugs are also predisposed to feeding on humans. They're only going to feed on animals in a pinch. This is why they are considered a low disease threat.

Bugs can spread diseases from human to human. If someone in your home is sick with something, it is possible for bed bugs to spread the disease to you. But it is unlikely. Why?

  • Bed bugs are most likely to feed on the same person over and over. Their standard mode of operation is to establish themselves in or near a bed and feed on people while they're sleeping. They're not likely to go to another bed, unless it is nearby. There are exceptions, but this is the general rule. So, if the infected person didn't sleep in your bed, bed bugs aren't likely to spread what they have to you.
  • Bed bugs aren't able to spread every disease with which they come in contact. The disease microorganism has to be able to develop in the gut and move to the salivary glands to be administered into the bite wound. Currently, there is research to suggest that bed bugs can transmit the microbe that causes Chagas disease. This could present a threat, but there have been no cases reported. So, this remains a scientific possibility; nothing more.

Do you see how it works? Bed bugs have the potential to make you sick, but there are criteria that must be met in or for there to be a threat—much in the same way Zika virus must be carried into the United States from a country where it is endemic. We have no reservoirs for Zika virus here. This significantly reduces the threat of this disease.

Bed Bugs Can Make You Uncomfortable

When these insects infest your Baldwyn home, you're going to wish they hadn't. While they're not particularly dangerous, they are miserable insects to have around.

  • They come out of hiding at night and feed on your blood.
  • Each bed bug usually feeds three times, which can make the bite wounds numerous.
  • The bites can be mild and itchy, or develop into painful welts.
  • When you scratch the bites, they can become open wounds. If these wounds become infected, it can be uncomfortable.

Nothing can ruin your social life faster than someone finding out that you have a bed bug infestation.

How Bed Bugs Can Present A Small Threat

Some people are fearful of bed bugs, or are disturbed by their presence. This can lead to a loss of sleep. If this goes on for a long while, it can lead to sleep deprivation, which can have serious consequences. The worst-case scenario is if you operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. But you're likely to correct your issue before it comes to this. Therefore, we put this in the small threat category.

Another small threat to consider is that ongoing removal of your blood can lead to anemia. It takes time for this to occur, and the ongoing bites and onset of anemia symptoms are likely to drive you to action before you are at risk.

How Bed Bugs Can Accidentally Cause Real Harm

One of the most common ways bed bugs harm people is actually not the fault of the bed bugs—well, not directly. Some have taken desperate measures to get rid of bed bugs and have set their homes or apartment buildings ablaze attempting a heat treatment.

Bed Bug Control

If you find bed bugs in your Baldwyn home, you don't need to fear them, but it is wise to contact us and request bed bug remediation service. It is miserable to live with bed bugs. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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